Just got back from Sauris. Oh yes, just like the real Parisiens at this time of year, I’m currently not in Paris. Yours truly is breathing the fresh air and taking in the lovely sights offered by the splendid Italian Alps, specifically in the mountains of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the region that (incidentally) I call home.

There are TONS of things to do and see in Friuli, and today I was lucky enough to re-visit Sauris, this tiny town of around 420 people near Udine with a very special history and a unique local German language. And the views! Lovely view of the mountains and the Val Lumei valley, gorgeous wooden houses adorned with red and pink geraniums, and a delicious local production of prosciutto, Sauris-made ham with a soft texture and a sweet taste. TheĀ prosciutto platter I had there for lunch was divine!

Sauris Italian Alps

Obviously, I was not the only one captivated by the charm of Sauris, which seems to be a well-kept secret in the Italian Alps. I happened to run into an Italian government minister there, and not just anyone! Say hello to Mr. Giulio Tremonti, Minister of Economy and Finance, whose photo I snapped discreetly while he was exploring beautiful Sauris:

Sauris Italian Alps

Giulio Tremonti, Sauris 09/08/2010

Nice sweater, Mr. Tremonti. Of the many questions I would like to ask you, one is more pressing that the rest: who is the mystery, smiling blonde you went to Sauris with?? There wouldn’t be two bodyguards following you around if she wasn’t special…