From Paris to Berlin

July 23, 2010

.. well, not really, but close. From Paris to Dusseldorf, in fact, where Pa(s)risienne spent half her life!

Ooh yes, je pars en weekend, and like 1/4 Parisians I saw in the metro this morning, I have a small weekend bag on wheels to prove it (except mine was much fuller and heavier than everyone else’s because of my lack of decision-making skills when packing, sigh).

Honestly though, it felt kind of nice to finally be one of those people that comes to work on a Friday with their weekend bag. These people have what I would call The Summer Friday Look, the haha-I-may-be-in-a-suit-today-but-tomorrow-I’ll-be-poolside-and-you-won’t look that annoys the hell out of Parisians stuck in the city for the weekend. Today I went for the type of Summer Friday Look that says I’m-dressed-nice-enough-for-work-but-comfortable-enough-for-my-train-ride. I think I pulled it off pretty well.

So happy weekend everyone, Auf Wiedersehen until next week!


2 Responses to “From Paris to Berlin”

  1. Otrebla said

    Enjoy your “Sauerkraut” weekend!

  2. Giovanna said

    have a super weekend!

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