Haters gonna hate

June 24, 2010

Dear Azzurri,

Please don’t mess up today.

Your game against Slovakia is in six hours. Are you ready? Calm? Confident? Style that hair however you like and come and show us a good game.

Unfortunately, this year being Number 1 is not enough to be respected. I’m sorry to tell you this Azzurri, but you’re one of the most despised teams of the World Cup. Really, just ask the Germans. Or anyone else. I am sure the French would be especially happy if  you went down with them.

Judging by past experiences (which savvier football fans will be able to cite), your game tends to slip a little bit when under pressure. Despite what the haters day, I believe you play with your heart, and as soon as something goes wrong you let the situation spiral out of control. So try and avoid that today, please. Yes you need to win, and yes Slovakia shouldn’t give you a hard time, but that is no reason not to give 150% from the very start. Don’t wait until they score to do something amazing. Real concentration and effort pays off, just look at Team USA.

All in all, don’t let what people are saying get to you. Jealousy is an evil, penetrating emotion that I hope you have been shielding yourselves from. Whether you win or lose, people will say negative things about you, so just push it all aside and play your best today. You deserve to be in the final 16!!




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