“Bafana bafana and the buffoons”

June 23, 2010

Let me tell you a story. It is a very recent story that will become legendary,  told from generation to generation….

“Once upon a time, there was a football team called Les Bleus, or “the blues”, a reference to the colour of their jersey, but curiously enough, in 2010 this name came to define their performance quite adequately.

Given their noteworthy result in 2006 and one World Cup title on their CV, Les Bleus were considered as one of teams most likely countries to win the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. But sadly, it was not meant to be. With a widely disliked coach, a near-sighted (and aging)  national football federation and categorically unsupportive countrymen, Les Bleus were crippled from the start.

One day, the players themselves started going crazy.

After a tie and a defeat in the first round of the World Cup, one of Les Bleus, Anelka, turned against his coach, taking his frustration out on him the team’s locker room by telling him to ********************,**********************.

Someone in the locker room at the time (a very mean villain, the meanest villain this whole story) then leaked these words to the press. The newspaper L’Equipe needed money, so they printed the phrase in its graphic entirety on their front page the next day.  People were shocked. To make matters worse, French fast food chain Quick even canceled an advertisement campaign featuring the controversial Mr. Anelka. The situation had taken a fatal turn.

Because of the gravity of Anelka’s words and his refusal to apologize, the coach decided to send him off the team. The plane took off from South Africa, and back to Europe he went. This profoundly irritated the other Bleus, who by this point had started acting much like a bunch of teenagers with authority and ego issues. As  a show of support for their teammate, they decided to go on strike on their last day of training before their final match (their last chance at the World Cup) against Bafana Bafana, the South African football team.

Unsurprisingly, the game was disastrous for Les Bleus from the very beginning. After letting in one goal in, heart breaker Gourcuff elbowed an opponent in the throat and received a red card, leaving Les Bleus one man short.

After that, there was little hope for victory. Bafana bafana scored another goal, making Malouda’s neat and only goal for the French team during the World Cup utterly useless. The match ended as  miserably and disgracefully as it had begun.

To make matters worse,  coach Domenech proved to be a very bad loser, refusing to shake the hand of the South African coach, Carlos Alberto Parreira. The scene, pitiful to say the least, had every French fan covering their eyes in shame.

And that is the story of how Les Bleus’ World Cup dream quickly crashed and burned in 2010. In a rare show of correctness, the French football federation decided that the players will not receive their bonus, and the money will instead be given to amateur football associations. Maybe justice exists after all? Ireland will certainly argue it does…

Sadly, Les Bleus’ defeat was not enough to allow Bafana Bafana to continue their World Cup dream. Their bittersweet victory was the final touch to a long day of failures that will have sports pundits and and Frenchmen talking for generations to come.

La fin.


What, in your opinion, is the moral of this story?


One Response to ““Bafana bafana and the buffoons””

  1. Giovanna said

    At the end Justice has prevailed!

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