Music in the air

June 22, 2010

Between the copycat vuvuzelas, honking on the boulevards, sound blasting from the cars, and huge cheers I think I can hear from the whole west coast of Europe (both Spain and Portugal are celebrating their World Cup victories tonight), it is easy to forget that today is La Fête de la Musique!

La Fête de la Musique is one of my favourite days of the year, and as it is on Summer Solstice (June 21) it falls on a different day each year, this year, a Monday. This is really unfortunate for me because there’s really nothing better than a street music festival in Paris, and I wasn’t able to catch any of it today because of work. Dommage.

The whole concept of la Fête de la Musique is really great: it is a entire day in France devoted to promoting the work of amateur and professional musicians and making such music available to the public. Free concerts are organized all over the place, and a stroll around Paris allows you to sample tons of different types of music, from jazz to rock to electro, etc. The clubs organize special, (mostly) free-entry nights, the metro runs all night and the streets are swarmed with people dancing and having a good time. Some of my greatest memories of my time in Paris are from the two Fêtes de la Musique that I have attended, and if it weren’t unseasonably cold and I didn’t have to wake up an hour earlier tomorrow, I would be out there dancing right now.

So, how are our favourite miserables doing today?

Well, apparently, some of the players regret not training before their match against South Africa tomorrow. Crocodile tears, I say! Starting tomorrow we have one more game a day, or rather, two simultaneous matches per day, so I hope the media will have more to cover than France’s childish bickering.  Today, Portugal’s seventh heaven and Spain’s well-played game weren’t enough to shelter me from the media frenzy surrounding les Bleus. Enough!

Off to bed now, car horns on the Champs Elysées permitting. They say everyone in Portugal has a cousin in Paris, and seriously, it sounds like they all decided to gather near my house tonight.


2 Responses to “Music in the air”

  1. Al said

    Perhaps also the Italian “gladiators” should join the sad row of French pensioners under blankets.

  2. Giovanna said

    The players in the picture look like very obedient kids who follow their mother’s suggestion in case of cold weather!!

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