Anticipated dinner plans

June 16, 2010

Dinner for 5 tonight will consist of fajitas, so I guess that rules out Mexican-themed dinner during the France v. Mexico match tomorrow. Oh well, don’t know how that would have gone down anyway as I might be watching the game with a bunch of Frenchies. I hear we’re having pizza though! (conveniently, pizza has long been dispossessed of its  nationality)

So fajitas, hopefully fresh and not from the box as a friend suggested, served alongside a glass of champagne because I have things to celebrate!!

And no, it’s not Switzerland’s victory over Spain. Although might as well throw in a toast for that too, it’s fantastic.

Bonne soirée à tous!


2 Responses to “Anticipated dinner plans”

  1. Otrebla said

    It’s nice that you make in your blog some faint reference to your personal life. Reading that you have champagne at dinner, and not only because Spain lost their match, adds some flavour to the whole lot.

  2. Al said

    Sometimes comparisons can cause embarrassment, certainly not this time. Take two blogs on the same subject: one hosted by CdS and animated by the famous columnist MLR, the other is yours. Both concise, but while the Italian one leaves me totally indifferent, yours brings to me a fresh scent. No snobbish hints, no semi-VIP jargon. So, please accept my praise.

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