Accent circonflexe

June 15, 2010

According to an observant French sports commentator, Marcello Lippi spent most of tonight’s game with his eyebrows in an accent cironflexe. In case you don’t know, that’s the funny, house-shaped accent the French put on words like âgebête, or (the one I always get wrong because my spell check doesn’t mark it) août. This picture gives a good idea of what Lippi’s face looked like:

Concerned. Controlled. Dreamy? I’ll leave that up to you. One thing’s for sure: the Italian national team gave us little to dream about in their first match against Paraguay. Technically I thought they were good; I saw plenty of good passes, intricate plays and a constant flow of energy, but I still felt as if they weren’t actually accomplishing much. I won’t hold Paraguay’s goal against them because it was perfect and well beyond Buffon’s reach, but I am little disappointed that they struggled so hard to score. I hope the press won’t use this lacklustre performance to come down hard on the Italians because my nails just can’t handle it! Spent the whole second half of tonight’s match chewing on the little that’s left of them.

All in all, it seems that both Paraguay and Italy were both pretty satisfied with the 1-1 score, which is you know, fine, just not World Cup winner attitude. One thing that blows my mind (and gives Italy-haters room for criticism) is the fact that the goal Italy conceded today is already 50% of the goals they conceded in 2006.  If statistics are anything to go by, Italy’s in trouble!

Sigh. I feel like it’s time for some comic relief.

Best Tweets of the Night: “Irish football commentator says: Italian scores the escape from Alcaraz” and “This is the worst Italian performance in the World Cup since Capello picked Rob Green!”

Best Video of the Night: An animated Lego recreation of England’s first match against the USA

Tomorrow is the 5th day of the World Cup and the matches are New Zealand v. Slovakia, Ivory Coast v. Portugal and Brazil v. Korea DPR. Some great teams there. Which match are you looking forward to the most? I hear some semi-fans have already hit their first World Cup slump…. tell me it isn’t so!


2 Responses to “Accent circonflexe”

  1. Giovanna said

    surprised about your football knowledge

  2. Otrebla said

    Perhaps I should be ashamed of myself: a few minutes after Paraguay scored I fell asleep. I came back from my dreams while the savy commentators were busy evaluating all facets of the individual perfomances. They had 22 people to scrutinize, plus 3 referees, so I switched the telly off.
    Bonne nuit.

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