Aussie aussie aussie, ouch ouch ouch!

June 14, 2010

Just finished watching Germany absolutely dominate Australia. The general feeling (on Twitter, on Facebook), is that although the score may have been fair, the red card received by Tim Cahill was absolute nonsense (he was in tears, by the way). Even Schweinsteiger comforted him afterwards and said he thought the red had been excessive! Feeling kind of bad for the Aussies, to be honest. They’re definitely in trouble in their next game against Ghana without one of their best players.

Once again, reading the endless flow of incoming World Cup tweets on Tweetbeat really amused me during the match. Unsurprisingly, the best comments of the night were about the Australian team’s misfortune, either mentioning how they were really “down under” or how they should stop calling themselves the Socceroos if they want to be taken seriously in soccer. Ohhh dear.

Anyway, BIG day tomorrow! Netherlands v. Denmark, Japan v. Cameroon, and last but definitely not least, Italy v. Paraguay! Very curious to see how the reigning champions compare to last time.

In fact, I should probably think about going to bed soon. I expect to face a lot of snide comments about Italy tomorrow and my replies are likely to be sharper after a good night’s sleep.

Bonne nuit.


2 Responses to “Aussie aussie aussie, ouch ouch ouch!”

  1. Giovanna said

    Not a fair game last night: professional team vs proup of soccer amateur

  2. Al said

    Please don’t think how bad will be tomorrow morning your impact with your “opponents”: perhaps THEY will be embarassed.

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