The Hands Theory

June 13, 2010

Like many New Yorkers, one of my favourite moments of the entire week is waking up on Sunday to read the New York Times. Although I do turn to the NYT every day for a very high percentage of my news intake, the Sunday edition is packed with even more interesting articles on a myriad of subjects, making waking up on the last day of the weekend (a.k.a. The Day That Comes Too Soon) a much more pleasant experience. And because I’m reading from Paris, I feel like I get a sneak peek at the Sunday paper that the New Yorkers will read 6 hours later, after they’ve recovered from their own Saturday night activities.

Today on the NYT I discovered their very cool graphic analysis of each World Cup game, showing minute by minute lineups, passes, areas of play and other statistics. Wonder how many interns they have working on those.

I also quite liked one of the NYT articles on the England v. USA match yesterday, forever to be remembered as the one that Green, England’s goalie, messed up. Poor, poor Mr. Green. Watching the ball bounce slowly out of his hands and into the goal was worse than watching an ice skater fall.

Sigh. Given Green’s beginner’s mistake and US goalie Tim Howard’s strong performance, the NYT notes that for once, the Hands Theory may have applied. The Hands Theory is something that I’ve been trying to put my finger on (no pun intended) for a long time: it’s the theory that soccer will never go far in the US because the Yanks “only understand games that involve the use of hands”. That’s what I’ve been trying to say since 2006! And unfortunately, yesterday it worked in favour of Team USA, who, with a little bit of luck, managed to equalize with England in the first half and keep it that way for all of the second thanks to several good saves by Howard. Better luck next time, England!

Today’s matches are: Algeria v. Slovenia, Serbia v. Ghana and Germany v. Australia.

Will definitely be watching the last one! And if it weren’t Sunday night it would be fun to watch it at the Australian bar I was at last night, Café Oz, where the huge screens and sitting space make up for the Foster’s beer and loud American tourists.


One Response to “The Hands Theory”

  1. Giovanna said

    ” la mano del Pibe de Oro”

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