Postdiluvian questions

June 12, 2010

Around 5000 Parisiens gathered under the giant screen at Trocadero last night to watch the match against Uruguay, and according to reporters, most fans echoed the ref’s final whistle with angry whistles at their national team. What followed during the night was a rainforest-like thunderstorm with water filling up the gutters and creating little streams down the sloping streets, as if to purge the city of last night’s impurities and to say “alright, les Bleus, we’ll forgive you for this first game, but you better shape up for the next game”. It was a scarily heavy rainfall, I tell you.

So we made it to Day 2 of the World Cup, and the question on everyone’s mind is : What is that really annoying buzzing sound at all the games that makes it sound like there’s a giant beehive in the room??

And well, the answer (as you may already know if you, like many Frenchies, Googled the question or called up the television chain showing the match), is this: vuvuzelas!

According to Wikipedia, the vuvuzela is a horn usually used in stadiums by fans at football stadiums in South Africa. And, love them or hate them, Blatter and Fifa ruled they are here to stay.

Although it is way too soon to start talking about the legacy about this first World Cup in Africa, the Guardian does exactly that, speculating that one of the things it could leave behind is nothing less than permanent hearing damage. Apparently, “academics from Pretoria and Florida universities found that sound levels peaked at 144.2 decibels, well above the level of 85 decibels at which workers require noise protection by law.”

Hmm. One day I want to invite these academics to my home during Christmastime and see what they conclude about the decibel levels there (joking!)

Anyway, today’s first match is already over, Korea beating Greece by a surprising 2-0.

Right now, a very exciting match Argentina v. Nigeria, and I just got the goosebumps by hearing what seemed like the whole stadium singing the Nigerian anthem (apparently there’s a significant Nigerian community in SA).

Tonight, England v. USA and I just cannot wait.  Going to watch it in an English pub I think.

And you, where will you be watching tonight? And what are your feelings on the vuvuzelas?? Is Blatter right to insist that we should welcome them as an cultural addition to the stadiums?


One Response to “Postdiluvian questions”

  1. Giovanna said

    Perhaps going to watch in pizzeria.
    About vuvuzelas I am considering to buy one/two to amplify the decibels levels at Xmastime!

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