June 12, 2010

What a long day! I’m knackered tonight, must be all the World Cup excitement. Today after all, was the day of  firsts: first game, first goal, first tie, first red card, first dance.

So with today’s two matches ending up as a tie, it’s as if nothing ever happened in Group A. In my opinion, it’s a fitting outcome given the unexceptional games the four teams played. Ended up watching France play from the comfort of my living room so I got to follow the game closely… and I found it to be a total yawn fest. Both teams were totally limp, they seemed to have forgotten they were at the World Cup!

Fortunately, I managed to enjoy the match by following the tweets on Tweetbeat’s World Cup feed. Amazing to see how many tweets come though every second! I’m really excited about seeing how Twitter will change the way people interact with or participate in this event. For the moment I’ve never seen anything like it; to watch a game while reading almost hundreds of opinions per minute from people all over the world is mind-boggling, really. And I learned so many things! For example, do you know that there hasn’t been a goal in France v. Uruguay matches in decades? And that Domenech has impressive and noticeable nasal hair? All that and more!

All in all, it was a good first day, and I’m definitely enjoying the enthusiasm and sportsmanship shown by the Bafana Bafana supporters. I can only imagine how the SA player must have felt as he made the first goal (and then went on to do a very endearing choreographed victory dance) :

Yep, the more I watch this video, the happier I feel for the SA team and the more I want to see them win. They’re currently my World Cup coup de coeur.

Tomorrow evening, big match between the US and the UK. That’s probably why they sent VP Joe Biden to the opening match today, to find out what on earth soccer’s all about!



2 Responses to “Firsts”

  1. Giovanna said

    I could not watch the game last evening but thanks to your funnyand vivid description I realized I did not miss anything!

  2. Otrebla said

    I enjoy very much reading your notes.
    Being utterly bored by the prevailing jargon used (and abused) by the majority of football commentators, at last I can read something which brings everything back to my level of simple TV-watcher, totally uninterested in tactics and schemes. To give an example, I am much more intrigued by the nasal hair of the French coach.
    Keep up your lovely writing effort.

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