Newbie scores a goal

June 10, 2010

First post!! And the first day of the 2010 Fifa World Cup!! Coincidence? Not in the least.

For some reason, World Cup fever really gave me the urge to write, to share, to participate, maybe because of my terrific memories from the last cup. Spending the summer in Germany (2006 World Cup host) as Italy beat the home team in the semifinals and then went on to win the whole thing was an incredible experience, one of the best summers of my life.  And had I not vowed to not put any pictures of me up on this blog I would show you pictures of erm… me, wrapped in a floor length Italian flag, my face covered in sweaty green-white-and-red, surrounded by drunk Dusseldorfians hanging their heads in shame. Best. Day. Ever.

This year, I will be experiencing the World Cup in a slightly different way, in the lovely cadre of Paris, my home for the past two years and unfortunately also home to Les Bleus, last World Cup’s number twos who STILL insist that they should have won.  Don’t get me wrong, I love France and I like the French, but I find it very frustrating that since 2006 the Italian team has repeatedly been accused of cheating by absolutely everyone, especially the French, whose top scorer, Thierry Henry, sealed their participation in this year’s World Cup with a shamefully obvious hand goal.  Hello, pot! Kettle here.

But I digress. What this little post meant to say is this: welcome to my blog, and I sure hope you like soccer because there will be a LOT of it here in the next month (as well as everywhere else. You won’t be able to escape World Cup talk, really).


Ps. Keep track on the World Cup schedule here: World Cup calendar

See how much Italian fans dislike the French team (as well as their own!) here: survey: What World Cup team do you like the least?


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